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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Kealani usually seems to have no desire to want to walk on her own. If she is standing and you left go of her hands, she frequently plops her butt down quickly into a sitting position, as if she's saying to us "what are you thinking letting go of my hands like that, you know I can't walk?!!!". Of course she walks along furniture and if you're holding her hands or sometimes even just ONE hand, but that's not really the walking that calls for lots of praise and super impressed parents, you know?! =) HOWEVER, there have been a couple of times over the past few days that she has decided to stay standing when we let go of her hand and she even got brave and took a step -- or TWO STEPS as she did one time!!!!! She's definitely showing signs of being more brave and considering wanting to find out more about the way that everyone else gets around, instead of crawling for the rest of her life -- though I know it frequently crosses her mind that crawling works just fine for her so why should she fix what isn't broken?! LOL. Well, maybe "real" walking is in our near future?!?!?! Though, I must admit that I (notice I didn't say "we" because Daddy doesn't really fall into this catagory - lol!) am not trying to encourage it tooooo much because I know it will make our lives much more difficult! hehe. =)

here she is walking while holding our hands...

...and this is what happens NORMALLY when we let go of her hands! LOL.

and here's her walking along anything she can! =)

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