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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gettin' ready for bed...

Interesting place for her to choose to brush her teeth, right?!! LOL...

bath time!

don't ever say the word "bath" unless you are willing to let her take one that very second!! LOL.
she loves her new lil blow up bath tub, and mommy likes it too because it is a bit safer... =)

Watchin' Daddy at his football game...

my sister wanted to strut his other jersey! lol...

kealani made a friend at the game!

Daniel and Noah on the sidelines, strategizing. =)

Kealani and Koben...

My friend, Sophie, and I went shopping after baby gym today and this was the only way to keep the kiddos happy -- they had to be together riding in the same cart! LOL. So cute!

New chair!

she loves her new garage sale find! =)

The Zoo!!

went with one of my mommy groups to the zoo the other day -- kealani loved seeing all the animals and of course the toys in the kid play area. it was a great day! =)

these are so out of order, sorry!

Koben and Kealani crashed on the way home from a long fun day at the zoo! lol...

we got to feed the birds...

sophie and koben feeding the birds...

he looked like he was posing for the camera!

kealani said "roar!" to him!

she walked around like such a big girl... =(

koben and kealani are so cute together!

isn't this so cute of them looking at the sea life together?!! =)

she LOVES to slide!!!! and slide!!! and SLIDE!!!! LOL.

they did everything together! LOL.

sophie helpin' kealani down the slide...

she was petting this painting! too cute! =)

look how close this peacock got to us in the parking lot!!! kealani just kept calling "birdie, birdie!"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby gym / playgroup!!

We just started going to a baby gym playgroup that my friend, Sophi, and her son, Koben (the cute 'lil blonde in the pics below) go to. Kealani seemed to really enjoy it so we are looking forward to going twice a week now. They do some free play time, some circle time, some singing, playing with a big parachute, play with bubbles, and more free play time. It's so cute! Here are some pics from her first day...