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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary, to us! =)

Today celebrates 4 wonderful years of marriage and 12 awesome years of being together (not going back to first grade of course! LOL). I never dreamt my life would be so wonderful.

Honey, I love you so much and cannot thank you enough for all you've done as an amazing husband, my best friend, and an incredible father. I don't know how you do it, but I'm thankful that God gives you the strength. You are simply amazing. I am so anxious for all the many years ahead -- and so amazed to think of where we've come from to get to this incredible point in our lives. Wow, we are truly blessed.

Welcome baby Hudson!!

Bring on the babies! The first of the babies in our circle of friends was born today! Jake and Annalisa welcomed their precious son, Hudson, into this world. Mom and baby are doing great. Kealani and I couldn't wait to go see him. We all know how much Kealani loves babies, so here she is welcoming him at only 5 hours old. =)

look at BOTH smiling?!... =)

those babies make ya TIRED!!! LOL.

Like father, like daughter

Noah was trying to come up with a "logo" for our card business, so Kealani wanted to do it too! All by herself, she went and got her paper and pen to do what daddy was doing! =)

I'm on a roll! =)

I am LOVING my new "craft" station -- I cannot seem to stop making cards! Which is good considering the fact that Noah and I are attempting a small card making business called "Jennoah's Greetings"! More on that later... =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Card making!

For those that were wondering "are you REALLY gonna want to sit out in the garage and do your crafts?!" well... here's proof that I have been! =) I'm really enjoying making cards right now. These are the ones I did tonight.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She's such a mommy!

I got her this baby carrier at a garage sale this past weekend, but figured she might not play with it until she saw me carrying baby Kainoa in his carseat. Well, I was wrong! She came out of her room like this today... where did she learn to hold it right already?!!

24 weeks (6 months) pregnant.

We just had our 6 month doctor appointment and ultrasound yesterday. We confirmed very clearly once again that there's DEFINITELY a boy in there! He was shy about showing his face, but sure NOT shy about showing us his "stuff"! LOL. Noah had a big sigh of relief just being reassured one more time that he is indeed going to have a son. =) The doctor said that baby Kainoa looks great! I of course have already started pre-term labor and have contractions (just like i did with Kealani) so we talked about the precautions/dangers of that. But we've been down that road before so I am a bit more comfortable with it this time. I am definitely starting to feel better, for the most part. I still have times where I'm not so well, and I have to remember to take my nausea medicines, but it seems to be more in control than I'm used to, so that's definitely been a breath of fresh air!! We are getting more and more excited to make the time pass quickly so we can meet our lil guy!!

So much for parking in the garage!

Noah recently turned one side of the garage into his workout area. It's actually been getting a LOT of use out of it! Noah uses it by himself a lot and then about twice a week, he has some guys come over and they all work out together. Because of that, Kealani and I quickly figured out that if we ever wanted to see him again, we better find something to do out there as well! LOL. So... Kealani, as you can see below, tries to workout with Daddy too (tooooo cute!)! But I also turned the other side of the garage into my "craft" area. Since we needed our extra bedroom for Kainoa's nursery, I had to find somewhere else to put all my crafty stuff. So now when Noah is outside working out, I'm getting something done that I enjoy too! There is a TV out there for Noah's P90x workout videos, etc. but we found out that if we put on Kealani's favorite movies, she will sit in her beanbag chair forever and just be content while we do our thing! It's working out quite nicely! Though I already miss not parking in the garage. =( Oh well, the sacrifices we make.... LOL.

Kealani's new favorite spot in the house...

She likes to sit up on the front window sill! She climbs onto her toy box, then up to the window sill (and of course has to bring her baby with her!). And yes, she HAS fallen off... twice!!!! She still insists on going up there though!

Kealani and baby Shier...

We all know how much Kealani LOVES babies! =)

So precious...

Playin' at the mall play area...

Garry and Kealani, reunited! LOL

Since Garry has returned home from being gone in Hawaii for several months, he and Kealani are pretty much inseparable!! It's adorable -- they just can't get enough of eachother. =)

Garry's Work Party - Welcome Back and 25 years of service!

Noah's dad, Garry, has worked for the City of Lacey, Parks Dept. for 25 years! To say the least, they absolutely LOVE him! They were kind enough to throw him a party to celebrate his time with them, as well as made it a "welcome back" party since he's been gone in Hawaii for about 3 months. It was a great time.


Our Easter day was spent going to the early service at church, then going with all of Noah's family to a yummy brunch, and then ending the day with a great dinner with my family. What could be better than a day filled with family... and chocolates!!! YUM!! LOL. =)