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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Such a chatter box!

Kealani is such a chatter box! It's sort of rule of thumb that if you don't hear her talkin' away then she's into something that she shouldn't be! She will sit and tell you stories ALL DAY long if you'll listen -- or heck, even if you're NOT listening! LOL. It is so amazing to me that she learns new words every single day! It's pretty common lately that if you tell her a word a few times in a row, she'll repeat and then start saying it pretty frequently. She's a GREAT copy-cat! The part that is so incredible to me is that she usually still rememebers it the next day, and even knows what it means and uses it in the correct context a lot of the time! She continues to amaze us. I know I will probably miss a good chunk of them, but off the top of my head, here are some words she's saying these days:
ga-pa (a.k.a. grandpa)
auntie (though she's only said this one a few select times)
un (she means to say "one"; it's when she put her finger up when you ask how old she is)
B-nana (a.k.a. Breanna)
Lani (which she says right after you say "keiki" -- which of course is her cousin keikilani's name) please
thank you
moo (if you show her a cow)
puppy (this is her favorite word lately -- she LOVES dogs! and ALL dogs are "puppy" to her!)
wow! (this is one of her fav's -- it's great the way she says it with such amazement in her voice!) ball book (sort of hard to understand still though)
'gain (a.ka. again)
'ello (instead of hello)
love you
ny-ny (a.k.a. night-night)
up (this is one we hear ALL DAY LONG because she likes to be held a lot!)
cup ju (a.k.a juice)
Khaki (our cat's name)
Shasta (our other cat's name)
... ok, well maybe I should stop there because the list is getting longer than I anticipated! I guess she says even more than I thought when you really stop and think about it. Sheesh! Bottom line, she's doing very well, is a quick-learner and quite simply just a smarty pants! hehe. =)

thought it's hard to tell with a still picture, here she is talkin' away...

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