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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kealani's first 4th of July!

Well this year was much different than our past 4th of July's! Last year Kealani was in my belly (I gave birth to her 10 days later!) and she was not too sure about all the noises that came along with the 4th! This year started out the same way but instead of being kicked in the stomach repeatedly, we just cuddled her in our arms and were able to calm her down by telling it was ok. =) After a few minutes of the loud noises, she was fine and watched everything very intently. This year (as well as the past several years), we spend the 4th in Tacoma. Noah's parents have some friends that live in Tacoma and their house over-looks the water. Every year, Tacoma has what they call a "freedom fair" on the 4th. There's an AWESOME air show, a street fair, carnival, and the most amazing firework show you've ever seen! We had a great time, as always!

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