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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mmmmmm... mashed potatoes!!!

She loves mashed potatoes -- just like her Mama! =)

all cleaned up after making a big mess!

filled the belly, now it's nap time! LOL!

Got out for a walk!

My friend Sophie and I got out for a walk with the kiddos yesterday when it was sunny! It was great to get out and get some fresh air -- we are hoping to make this more of a habit because not only is it good for us but the babies just LOVE to be outside (and Keikilani too!)!

Look at Koben's BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!

she fell asleep! LOL!...

doesn't she look like a melted snowman?! too cute!

back home after her power nap!

Beccy's Baby Shower!

Here's some pics from the great time we had at my friend Beccy's (my maid of honor for those that were at the wedding!) baby shower last weekend -- the girls did a GREAT job on planning such a cute event! Can't wait for baby Addison to come out and play with Kealani!! =)

part of my gift was that I made t-shirts and onesies for them... this one says "Addison's Mommy" for her to wear at the hospital... =)

This one is for Tim to wear - "Addison's Daddy"...
and here's Addison's - "Princess Addison"...
and I also made this one that has a red bow on it and says "Gift from God"... =)

The PINK ladybug!!!

For those that know me very well, you know that I HATE ladybugs (you would too if your house growing up was infested with them and they were in your bed, clothes, etc.); however, our little PINK ladybug is the cutest thing ever, dontcha think??!!! =)

look at her rosey "i'm so tired" cheeks! lol!

Random pics from the last week...

her favorite thing to do these days is just sit on her own and play!

"Good mornin', Daddy!"

first time in a big girl high chair at the restaurant!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Had a little too much fun with the editing software! LOL!

Well I went over to my Mom's the other night and we did a little mini photo shoot with Kealani -- below are some pics from the night and as you can see, I had a little too much fun trying out new editing programs! LOL! Some obviously turned out better than others... =)...