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Thursday, July 30, 2009

1 year baby photos!

Here are just a few of Kealani's one year pictures done by Timeless Memories Photography. =)

"Clifford the big red PUPPY!"

Kealani's favorite thing these days are dogs, which she refers to them all as "PUPPY"! she gets so excited when she sees one (both mine and noah's parent's have dogs), and all she says is "puppy!" -- it's like a broken record! LOL. Well, because of that, her favorite cartoon as become "Clifford the Big Red Dog" which comes on at 9:30am and she watches it pretty much EVERY MORNING! I snapped a couple pictures of her watching so intently this morning... =)


grandma and baby at Jayme's baby shower...

she loves other babies!


Every year this fair comes to town, so our friends and us decided to get the kids out of the house for a couple of ours and walk around for a bit. They also put on a firework show every year on the last night so we watched that and it was AWESOME this year!

"those fireworks were great and all but it's past my bed time!"...

Weekend get-a-way (without our baby)...

Yep, you read that right... we went away for the weekend and didn't take Kealani. **tear** Noah had a semi-pro game in Medford, Oregon (about a 7 hour drive, one-way) on Saturday. So us, Noah's Mom, Noah's brothere and nephews, along with our friends Daniel and Ashley (Daniel plays on the team too) all took a road trip and got a couple of hotel rooms for the weekend. We left Friday evening and got home Sunday evening. We had every intention of taking Kealani with us. But when we found out it was supposed to be like 106 degrees and when Noah's sister and sister-in-law offered to watch her if we wanted to leave her here, we started thinking about what would be the smartest option -- not what Mommy wanted but the SMARTEST option! LOL. A hot cranky baby mixed with a long car ride, then having to sit in the heat to watch a football game for a few hours started sounding not-so-appealing! I have never even left for ONE night, let alone TWO in a row!!! The thought of leaving her made me tear up. But I knew it was going to have to happen at some point and there is a first for everything, right?! It's not that I was worried about her being taken care of -- I knew she was in great hands, it was simply the fact that she's my side-kick and I'd miss her. **boo hoo** But I put my brave hat on and went with the flow (yes, crying a little when we left her... SHUT UP, don't make fun! lol.). I admit that it was the best choice because she got to play in the pool at nana and grandpa's house the whole weekend so she wasn't so miserably hot, but you better believe that I missed her like CRAZY! Kari and Duana were great to keep sending me videos and pictures of her while we were away though (see a few of them below). Anyway, moving on from what a whoosy baby I am... Going into this football game, Noah's team was undefeated and ranked 5th in the NATION!! But... that came to a screeching hault in Medford! They lost, bad, sadly. 47-0 to be exact. It was just NOT our day, that's for sure! I will spare you the rest of the details and our theories. But it was a VERY tough loss, as you can imagine. We managed to have a good time leading up to the game, relaxin' in the pool, etc. and TRIED to have a decent time after the game, though it took some coaxing from the wives. LOL. The ride home of course was EXTREMELY long and felt never-ending, mostly due to the fact that I knew we were on our way to see our BABY!!! And Kealani's reaction to us walking through the door was priceless! Just what I invisioned in my head! Despite the fact that she had a very fun weekend with the family, she was very happy to have us home again! =)

here are the pictures and videos that Kari and Duana sent us while we were gone (the videos are dark because they were done on a cell phone but you can see enough to get the general idea...)

and here are some of the pictures from while we were away...

Such a chatter box!

Kealani is such a chatter box! It's sort of rule of thumb that if you don't hear her talkin' away then she's into something that she shouldn't be! She will sit and tell you stories ALL DAY long if you'll listen -- or heck, even if you're NOT listening! LOL. It is so amazing to me that she learns new words every single day! It's pretty common lately that if you tell her a word a few times in a row, she'll repeat and then start saying it pretty frequently. She's a GREAT copy-cat! The part that is so incredible to me is that she usually still rememebers it the next day, and even knows what it means and uses it in the correct context a lot of the time! She continues to amaze us. I know I will probably miss a good chunk of them, but off the top of my head, here are some words she's saying these days:
ga-pa (a.k.a. grandpa)
auntie (though she's only said this one a few select times)
un (she means to say "one"; it's when she put her finger up when you ask how old she is)
B-nana (a.k.a. Breanna)
Lani (which she says right after you say "keiki" -- which of course is her cousin keikilani's name) please
thank you
moo (if you show her a cow)
puppy (this is her favorite word lately -- she LOVES dogs! and ALL dogs are "puppy" to her!)
wow! (this is one of her fav's -- it's great the way she says it with such amazement in her voice!) ball book (sort of hard to understand still though)
'gain (a.ka. again)
'ello (instead of hello)
love you
ny-ny (a.k.a. night-night)
up (this is one we hear ALL DAY LONG because she likes to be held a lot!)
cup ju (a.k.a juice)
Khaki (our cat's name)
Shasta (our other cat's name)
... ok, well maybe I should stop there because the list is getting longer than I anticipated! I guess she says even more than I thought when you really stop and think about it. Sheesh! Bottom line, she's doing very well, is a quick-learner and quite simply just a smarty pants! hehe. =)

thought it's hard to tell with a still picture, here she is talkin' away...


Kealani usually seems to have no desire to want to walk on her own. If she is standing and you left go of her hands, she frequently plops her butt down quickly into a sitting position, as if she's saying to us "what are you thinking letting go of my hands like that, you know I can't walk?!!!". Of course she walks along furniture and if you're holding her hands or sometimes even just ONE hand, but that's not really the walking that calls for lots of praise and super impressed parents, you know?! =) HOWEVER, there have been a couple of times over the past few days that she has decided to stay standing when we let go of her hand and she even got brave and took a step -- or TWO STEPS as she did one time!!!!! She's definitely showing signs of being more brave and considering wanting to find out more about the way that everyone else gets around, instead of crawling for the rest of her life -- though I know it frequently crosses her mind that crawling works just fine for her so why should she fix what isn't broken?! LOL. Well, maybe "real" walking is in our near future?!?!?! Though, I must admit that I (notice I didn't say "we" because Daddy doesn't really fall into this catagory - lol!) am not trying to encourage it tooooo much because I know it will make our lives much more difficult! hehe. =)

here she is walking while holding our hands...

...and this is what happens NORMALLY when we let go of her hands! LOL.

and here's her walking along anything she can! =)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1 year check-up appt.

Kealani's 1 year check up at the doctor's office went well. She was even such a trooper with the three shots! She weighs 27.1 lbs. and is 31 1/4" tall. According to their charts, she's almost the height of a 2 year old and slightly over the weight of a 2 year old -- she likes her food, what can I say?!! LOL. The doctor was super impressed (as always) with how smart she is and also how many words she says. For example, we were in the waiting room and saw some turtles, so I taught her how to say "turtle". Then when we were walking back to the exam room, she saw more turtles so she pointed and said "turtle"! We also showed the doctor that when I say "how old are you?" to Kealani, she puts her index finger up and says "one". She also looked in the mirror, pointed (at herself) and said "baby". Then when the doctor was leaving the room, she said "well, have a nice day", Kealani knew that meant she was leaving so she put her hand up, waved to her and said "buh-bye"! Those are just a few examples of things she did to show the doctor what a smarty pants she is! hehe. It was a great reassurance as new parents that we must be doing something right. LOL. =)

1st Birthday "Luau" Pictures (better late than never, right?!)

in no particular order (due to lack of time! lol!)...