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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Mom, are you SERIOUSLY taking more pictures again?!"

Re-did a wall in our livingroom...

Grandma got Kealani a new chair/ottoman!!

I just can't help myself...

First smiles!

I realize that I'm slow to put these up, but better late than never, right!?! I took these when Noah FIRST started smiling, to send to Noah at work to show him! =)

Quit pulling your sister's hair!!


The love eachother. =)

Daddy's trying to start him early...

Daddy likes to give Mommy a heart attack...

This is one CUTE lil boy... dontcha think?! =)

love my cute kiddos.

Silly girl

She loves to just hang out and "play" in the van. My sister was out there with her keeping her company and snapped this picture.

She's just so darn cute!! =)

This picture below is SOOOO "Kealani". When I picture her in my head, this is exactly what she looks like. Love that big silly, cheese (but beautiful) smile of hers!