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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1 year check-up appt.

Kealani's 1 year check up at the doctor's office went well. She was even such a trooper with the three shots! She weighs 27.1 lbs. and is 31 1/4" tall. According to their charts, she's almost the height of a 2 year old and slightly over the weight of a 2 year old -- she likes her food, what can I say?!! LOL. The doctor was super impressed (as always) with how smart she is and also how many words she says. For example, we were in the waiting room and saw some turtles, so I taught her how to say "turtle". Then when we were walking back to the exam room, she saw more turtles so she pointed and said "turtle"! We also showed the doctor that when I say "how old are you?" to Kealani, she puts her index finger up and says "one". She also looked in the mirror, pointed (at herself) and said "baby". Then when the doctor was leaving the room, she said "well, have a nice day", Kealani knew that meant she was leaving so she put her hand up, waved to her and said "buh-bye"! Those are just a few examples of things she did to show the doctor what a smarty pants she is! hehe. It was a great reassurance as new parents that we must be doing something right. LOL. =)

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