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Monday, March 29, 2010

My prego friends!

It's crazy how many people are pregnant right now! I have a lot of friends that are pregnant with me this time around, here is just a few of them at a recent baby shower. Left to right: Heather (approx. 26 weeks pregnant), Ashley (approx. 31 weeks), me (22 weeks), Annalisa (it was her baby shower -- doesn't she look GREAT for being due in 4 weeks?!!)...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Playin' at the park!

"Khaki, wanna talk to Daddy?"...

Kealani frequently has to call Daddy throughout the day and this time she thought that the kitty might miss him just as much as her so she thought she'd offer for him to talk too... haha! =) too bad you can't hear her saying "khaki, talk daddy?"!!!!

Reading to her "baby"

Nana bought Kealani her own "baby" awhile back and it was the best investment EVER! She won't leave that baby's side -- she feeds it, gives it drinks, she changes it's diaper, plays games with her, talks to her all day, and as you can see below, makes her a little bed and reads to her... =)

Goofy girl got ahold of Mommy's clothes!

I was in the bathroom getting ready this morning and when I peeked out in my room to check on her, I caught her getting into the laundry pile and trying on my maternity clothes!! Here just a few snapshots I was able to get. She's got some work to do before she gets to get herself dressed, LOL...


We never have popcorn in the house, simply because I don't care for it. LOL. However, Noah's nephew was spending the night the other night so him and Noah went and rented some movies for the "guys" to watch, and came home with popcorn for the occasion. Turns out that Kealani LOVES popcorn! She tried to eat the whole bowl by herself, not knowing it was to share with everyone!

My new hobby!

Not too shabby for my first time?? I made the headband's for my friend Ashley's baby Kloe that's on the way, and then made the clips for my friend Beccy's daughter, Addie, that just turned one year old! It's definitely an addicting new hobbby that I'm enjoying! Too bad I didn't think to make these when Kealani was a little baby!

Ashley's baby shower!

Our great friend's Daniel & Ashley are expecting their 3rd baby -- but this time it's a GIRL! =) We are all anxiously awaiting Miss Kloe's arrival. She's gonna have two amazing big brothers lookin' out for her all the time. =) Here are just a few snapshots from one of her baby showers...

Monday, March 22, 2010

And our son's name is...!!!!

Kainoa Leonard Mathisen Naipo. Kainoa (sounds like "k-eye-noah") means "in the name of" and my Dad's name was Leonard Mathisen. I'm so happy to be able to carry on my Daddy's name and remember him in this way... though it was mostly Noah's idea -- isn't he the BEST?! =)

It's a BOY!!!!!!!

At our last ultrasound we were very pleasantly surprised to find out that we are having a BOY this time!!! WooHoo!! We were so convinced for some many different reasons that it was going to be another girl, and were completely fine with that and even excited that Kealani would have a sister close in age. However, we really actually were secretly HOPING for a boy! In fact, Noah started crying with happiness as soon as he found out - it was so sweet. There is really not any question as to whether or not it's really a boy in there because he decided to show us VERY clearly about 10 different times during the ultrasound that he's definitely a BOY! LOL. They did the ultrasound for nearly an hour and a half, measuring and looking at every possible part of his body and said he looks fantastic!! We are soooo excited that God is blessing us with one of each... especially because I'm sure you all know how much I hate being pregnant because my body hates it so much! So now we can (and may??) be done -- we'll see. =)

Profile pic of him waving "hi" to us! =)...

another profile pic...

is there really any question that it's a BOY! LOL...

Thursday, March 11, 2010