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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Laundry, laundry, and more laundry! UGH!!!

Who knew how much more laundry one baby would create?!!! I feel like our life has recently been revolving around our laundry schedule, but yet we are NEVER caught up (I guess I should just give up that idea, huh!?!)! We are lucky if we don't have to move the mountain-sized pile of laundry from our bed to even go to sleep at night! And notice I see "we" because I cannot discredit my wonderful husband and his desire to contribute to all the housework just as much as I do! THANK YOU SO MUCH, HONEY -- YOU ARE AMAZING AND I'M SO BLESSED TO HAVE YOU AS MY LIFE PARTNER!!!

Anyway, just had to vent for a minute! Thanks for listening (or reading!). And since we've already established that posts without a picture or two are just no fun, here's your pictures... =)

She at least does try to help with all the laundry!...

"Yay, Mom, I'm helping!"...

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The Harris Family said...

I feel your pain about the laundry thing. And no, you will never catch up! I've just gotten used to the mountains of piles that accumulate. I almost think it would be easier to throw the clothes away after wearing them...if only I were a millionaire! LOL