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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How is it possible that it's already been 9 months?!!

I cannot believe how true it is that time really does go by so much faster after you have children. It certainly doesn't feel like it's been 9 months since we brought our little sunshine home from the hospital! But according to the calendar, it has! LOL. We had her 9 month check-up appointment. The doctor continues to be in disbelief at what a big girl we have! LOL. Her head and weight are in the 95th percentile and her height continues to be off the charts. In fact, according to their charts she is almost as tall as an average two-year old! She weighs 22.4 pounds and is almost 30 inches long. Kealani just recently started scooting backwards on her tummy as her new mode of transportation -- she wants to be rebel and not just "crawl" -- that would be too normal! LOL. She is quite the little chatter box too, lately! She will gladly tell you stories until the cows come home, if you listen (or even if you DON'T listen! LOL). She's also getting very good at understanding things and comprehending what they mean. She knows "no" when she's not supposed to do something or touch something (not that she doesn't try to push the envelope and see if we'll give in, but she DOES actually follow the rules -- for now anyway!) "No" even works a lot of the time when she starts to cry about something when she's not getting her way. It's quite nice (though I know, it's probably short-lived!). She says "hi", waves when you say "hi" or "bye bye", says "ba-ba", "papa", and still says "mama" all the time. Still, no "dada" yet though. She just gives this lil grin when Noah tells her to say it. It's as if she's saying "haha, I CAN say it, but that would take all the fun out of it!" It's quite entertaining to watch Noah try to get her to say it and then watch her reaction. She also claps at EVERYTHING and tries to say "yayyy!" everytime she does it. It's so cute. Her favorite things to do are roam around on the floor and play with toys (or anything that she THINKS should be toys!), stand up, bounce, EAT, go shopping (not joking!), be tickled, and go outside. She is definitely her mama's girl and does NOT like to just stay home. We usually end up trying to find something to do just to get her out of the house because she's so much better behaved when we are not at home (I guess I trained her a little too well to like being out and about!). Oh, and she just started doing the cutest thing... she stands in her crib and if you dance, she will copy you and dance too! Oh, and she's starting to give kisses, and we are working on blowing kisses too. SHE'S JUST SO DARN ADORABLE! We have a blast with her!!! Ok, well, as you can see, I could go on forever about her, so I better make this my stopping point before you decide to just close our blog because you are tired of reading! All in all, she's the most beautiful (ok, maybe just to us!), VERY happy lil girl you ever did see!! Hehe. Here's a pic, just because, of her and Keikilani on our walk to the post office yesterday...

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