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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alicia's Baby Shower

This past Saturday, my mom, sister, Kealani and I went to my friend Alicia's baby shower. Alicia's mom and my mom are best friends so Alicia and I grew up together (we are only 2 months apart in age). We both got married around the same time and now our kids will be the same age too! Anyway, we had a great time, here are a few pictures from the party! Alicia has got to be one of the most beautiful pregnant mommies I've ever seen!

Alicia and me with our babies (though hers is still in her belly, but that counts! lol.)...

us and our mommies!...

Alicia and baby Owen... =)
Pammie and my Mom... best friends...
Pammie is excited to be becoming a Grandma! =)

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