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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If the SHIRT fits, wear it! Right?!!! =)

See what the shirt says?... "Diva in training" Haha!

My sister, Breanna, bought these shoes for her; my friend, Ashley, is going to kill me for putting these kind of shoes on my daughter! LOL!

lovin' the headband with the peacock spikey hair, right?!!! haha...

this is her "i'm a diva" look... what do you think?!
and this is her "never mind, i'm still a sweet little girl who loves her mommy" look! hehe. =)


..melissa.. said...

So cute! I love her diva face!

The Harris Family said...

You are so right! I can't believe you put her in crocs...LOL But her shirt and headband are super cute! And she's cute enough that she even looks good in crocs (I can't believe I said that) =0)