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Monday, March 30, 2009

Yard Sale!

Those that know me know that I LOVE garage and yard saling! That's where you'll find me every Saturday from about March - October! LOL! But... it's also great to HAVE sales to make back some money that I spend going to them! Haha! Anyway, my friend, Jeanie, and I did one this past weekend. Here are some pictures of our little helpers: Kealani, Keikilani, and Aubrey (Jeanie's daughter)...

the older girls keeping Kealani entertained...

entertaining herself in her pack-n-play...
making good use of the highchair for sale! we had to tell everyone that she wasn't for sale! lol!


Jude's Mom said...

OK, a couple of things.
1. Any girl that wears a princess dress and sneakers TOTALLY rocks! I love it!
2. You're so lucky to have two such great babysitters! I'm jealous!
3. Is that Kealani's new bean bag chair for sale in the background there? We were thinking of getting one! Did you not like it?
4. Once Jude gets over his hatred for the car, we'd love to go garage saling with you! I'm assuming once he's forward-facing, he'll be much happier driving around. Only a couple of months now!

The Naipo's (Jennifer, Noah, and Kealani) said...

Katherine (Jude's Mommy):

1)Yes, Aubrey has her own style, but she's too cute!!!
2)Yes, VERY lucky!
3)Yes, that's Kealani's new bean bag chair, she ended up really not liking it. She was good in it for about 30 seconds and then was so mad that she couldn't get herself up out of it -- think she felt like she was stuck in a hole or something. We figured we'd get her a new one later when she's a bit older to really enjoy it.
4)Yeah, Kealani's not FULLY over her hatred for the car, but we DEFINITELY have improved in that area since we got the mini van. I think it's because she is at eye level to see out the window so it keeps her more occupied. So, I'm sure once they are forward facing, they will both be happier about being in the car. And just so you know, she doesn't go garage saling with me -- Noah has her "daddy" time while I do that every Saturday morning. hehe. It's a win-win for everyone. =)