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Monday, March 2, 2009

"See Mom, I CAN stand and hold myself up!"

So my friend's baby, who is roughly the same age, is now standing up in his crib, etc. Well, when I saw that I thought to myself "hmmmmm.... I wonder why Kealani hasn't done that yet?" Well, then when I actually thought about it, I was like "duh! how can she when she's always strapped in her "wedge" when she's in her crib?!" For those that don't know, Kealani doesn't just sleep laying down in her crib like most babies, she is strapped into a foam "wedge" that was made for her at the hospital because of her reflux that goes into her lungs. She's had to sleep in that since she was 3 weeks old, but will hopefully be out of it in the VERY near future. =) So, she hasn't had the chance to try to stand holding herself up like most babies. Well, of course I wondered how far she was from being able to do that so I put her in her crib without her wedge and WA-LAH! Apparently she CAN do it, just never had the opportunity to try until now. =) Thank you, Koben, for the inspiration for Kealani to show us what a big girl she is! =)

So, anyways, here she is building strong leg muscles so that she can take off walkin' someday (hopefull not too soon though! Ha!)...
she even had to show off and do it one-handed (ok, so she was really just trying to reach the cat on the floor!)! =)
I'm not a proud Mommy or anything... haha!...

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