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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our princess is practicing her "parade float" wave! =)

Kealani just discovered how to wave and it is ADORABLE!! We've been trying to teach her that for several weeks now but she'd never try it herself, she'd just stare at our hand as we did it. Well, yesterday morning I walked into her room to get her up for the day, and when I walked over to her crib she gave me a smile and out of the blue, she waved at me! I thought "wow, that was adorable, but I'm sure it was just a fluke". Then, we came out of her room and as we were walking down the hallway, the kitty walked by us and she looked down at the floor and waved at the cat! I was like "what?! no way!" Then she proceeded to wave at everything that moved for the rest of the day!! I called it her "parade float wave" because she would put her arm up and just move her wrist back and forth like you see the princesses/queens do in parades! And well, she IS our princess and all! Haha! =) Anyway, then this morning she waved at me again while I was making her breakfast, but this time she didn't do the "parade float" wave, she instead did the kind of wave that we taught her which is just more moving her fingers (hard to explain, but I'm sure you know what I mean!) And now she's been doing it that way instead. Anyway, just had to share -- she's learning so much each day! It's fascinating!!!!

(though you cannot really tell by the picture, she was waving at the kitty cat as he walked by!)

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