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Thursday, October 16, 2008

She's such a ham when it comes to pictures... I taught her well already. :)


Durbin Express said...

It was wonderful to meet Kealani yesterday. I couldn't get over how cute she is. You both make very good babies. Keep up the good work!!

The Naipo's (Jennifer, Noah, and Kealani) said...

Sheree, so glad you enjoyed Kealani yesterday. Yeah we think she's pretty dang cute but then again we are a bit bias! Ha! Thank you for the kind words though. :) Hope all is great with you! I see Dave everynow and again over at Garry and Alii's -- he tells me how he can't have a girl because she'd have him SO wrapped around her finger! LOL! I told him that is exactly how Noah is. :) Dave is doing a GREAT job on their house -- I love it! :)

Oh, on a side note, does Dave do any plumbing work? My parents are looking for someone to help with a bathroom remodel they started and don't know how to finish... :)

..melissa.. said...

Could she get any cuter???