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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update on the kiddos

It's been awhile since I posted something besides pictures, and just "journaled" so I think it's time we do some updating. =)

Well, we definitely know how to grow 'em BIG! LOL. Our little "premie" who made his appearance into this world 6 weeks early, has DEFINITELY caught up, and then some. =) He's not even quite 4 months old yet and he is weighing in at 15 lbs. 2 oz! So much for my little tiny 5 lb. 13 oz. little guy! And he's grown over 5 inches too -- he is now 24 1/4 inches tall! Apparently he wanted to be like his sister, and not stay on the growth charts! He weighs almost the exact same as Kealani did at this age (she was off the growth charts by now too) and she wasn't "premie" like he was!  Sheesh!! The doctor cannot believe how much he eats, but he is completely proportionate to his height, so that's good. Poor little guy has been sick for about a week. It started out as "croup" (sp?), then got a bad head cold on top of that, and now he just has a really nasty cough that won't go away. =(  He also was recently diagnosed with "torticollis" and "plagiocephaly". Torticollis basically means that he has some muscle issues in this head/neck/shoulders region, and his head and neck always pull to the right -- never the left (or even straight forward). As a result of only turning his head to the right for so many months, he developed "plagiocephaly" which basically means severe flattening of the head! He is now seeing a physical therapist for this. We have to do stretches, excercises, massage, etc. with him to hopefully correct it all before it's too late. If it's not corrected in the next two months, they say he might have to wear a customized special helmet 24/7 until it is corrected. =( I SOOOO don't want my baby to have to live with a helmet on, so please pray that it all gets worked out before then. Other than that, he is wonderful! Most of the time he's a very happy, sweet, SMILEY little guy who we just adore and cannot imagine how we ever lived without him!

Kealani also continues to amaze everyone (doctor included) with what a big girl she is! She is barely 2 years old and weighs 44 pounds and upwards of nearly 40 inches tall! When I tell people she's 44 pounds they look at me like she must be extremely obese, but then when they see how incredibly tall she is, they calm down a bit. LOL. People continually ask if she is 4 years old! When I tell them "no, she's just 2 but she's a big girl" they reply with something about how they cannot get over how well she talks in full sentences too. Not sure how we got such a "smart cookie" but we definitely did!! It's sort of frustrating having people think she's so much older than she is because then when she does act out (she still has an occasional attitude problem/tantrum here and there, lol) then people look at me like "you are still allowing her to behave like that?!" Oh well, we know the truth. =) She's finally all healed up and recovered from her surgery -- thank GOD! We went to her follow-up "post op" appointment at Children's Hospital the other day. They did an ultrasound and then we met with the surgeon. He was extremely impressed with how well things went/are going. He said that on a scale of 1-10 she is an 11! Everything internally looks perfect and is now how it is supposed to be. He even said he scar looked so good that she likely won't even have a visible scar in the next couple of years when they see her back again! Yay!
She did recently get diagnosed with "GERD" (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), which we are so glad we at least figured it out.  Before we knew what it was, she was randomly throwing up every day or two, but you could tell she wasn't "sick" and it would just come out of the blue.  Since she's been on medication for that, she hasn't thrown up since (except the day she didn't get her meds).  Hopefully it's something she'll out grow soon.  We continue to be amazed by our sweet little princess and how much she grows and learns each day -- she is such a beautiful blessing to us.  And it's so cute how much she loves her brother already!  She's like another little Mommy to him, always wanting to help.  And whenever anyone asks her about her brother and if she likes being a big sister, she always says "That's Kainoa, he's so cute!!"  It's the most adorable thing ever!  How did we get so blessed?!

Well, that's the updates that I can think of for now.  Sorry, it kinda got a little longer than I expected.  I could go on all day about my precious babies.... but I will spare you that.  =)

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to leave us some comments -- we love to hear from everyone!

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The Harris Family said...

I know you all have had some setbacks when it comes to the kids' health, but I'm so proud of all of you. You're strong and faithful and such a huge support for your kids. We love you guys so much!