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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kainoa's Torticollis and Plagiocephally / therapy update...

Kainoa has completed three weeks of his theraphy for his torticollis and plagiocephally (a.k.a. "head issue" as we seem to be referring to it as -- and we mean it in the most loving way possible, of course).  =)

The therapist is very pleased with his progress (as are we); however, they do believe that he will in fact need the "helmet therapy" to correct it as much as they want.  =(  He has an appointment at Children's Hospital on Dec. 3rd to be fitted for his helmet, which we are told he will have to wear 24/7 except to take a bath, for many months.  I'm having a really hard time with it, as I don't want my little man to have to live in a helmet!  But, as someone put it to me the other day, "if this is the worst he has to go through for being 6 weeks early, than he is a pretty lucky lil guy!"  I do agree, and have to keep reminding myself of that. 

Back to his progress though... he is doing much better at turning his head to the left.  Of course he still turns it to the right more often than the left, but the fact that it's not ALWAYS to the right is a huge improvement.  Though he cannot turn it to the left as far as he should be able to, he'll get there.  He has also improved trumendously on being able to hold his head up -- we only get occasional "head butts" now instead of frequent ones!  I have also noticed just in the past two or three days that his left eye is hardly "lazy" at all anymore, which means his muscles on his left side are definitely improving!  Oh, and his fists aren't clenched all the time anymore either so he's gaining muscle control the way he should be. Yay! 

Keep up the good work lil mister, you are mama's (and daddy's too) little champ, for sure!!!

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