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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kainoa: One Week Old ALREADY?!!

Oh my goodness! Our little man is already ONE WEEK OLD TODAY!! How did that happen?!! LOL. Well it's a good thing they have him on a feeding tube because he's decided he barely wants to eat at all. =( They assure us that this is completely normal for a baby his age and that one day he will just figure it out and act like it was never a problem before. We pray that day comes sooner than later. The good news for the day was that he gained 30 grams from yesterday (their goal is 20 grams a day), and that his jaundice levels already peaked and are going down steadily so no lights/treatment will be needed -- his body did that part on it's own, which is REALLY good for a baby as early as him. =) As you'll see in the pictures below, he was awake and alert much more today than he has been so it was very fun visiting him, but also made it that much harder to leave him.

Mr. Skinny legs looks like he thinks something is funny! lol...

he's kickboxing here, just like he did in my belly ALL the time!! haha...

his pj's say it all... "TOUGH GUY"... and that he IS! =)

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