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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kainoa: 9 days old

Today Kainoa is back to his normal feedings and off of the IV -- yay!! He actually did pretty good on most of his feedings today, meaning he took most of them from his bottle instead of his feeding tube! =) His jaundice levels were checked for the last time today and they still went down so they are no longer going to have to keep track of that and it's official that they will not have to treat it! Woohoo -- what a fighter he is! =)

Here is Kealani kissing her baby brother. It's so sad that she cries and doesn't want to leave him everyday when we leave. She always cries and points and says "get him" and wants to take him home. She then has to kiss him a million times before we can pull her away. Breaks my heart, and yet so sweet at the same time. She's a great big sister already!

he's so little...

wide awake...

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