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Friday, October 2, 2009

Kealani and Keikilani are FAMOUS!!

Well, ok... maybe that's pushing it just a tiny bit. =) But for those that have lived in the Olympia area any length of time, know about the annual "Art Walk" festival downtown. Well Noah's mom is part of a photography group and they were asked to feature some of their pictures during the art walk this year. Naturally, she picked a picture of each of her beautiful grand daughters to show case! =) Here is a pic of them showcased there, as we speak! You should go check it outy in person for yourself! LOL. Keikilani is the picture framed in black and orange and is titled "the cat's meow", and Kealani's pic is the one right below framed in black and white and is titled "sleeping angel". Aren't they the most adorable little girls you ever did see?!


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I think that is so neat! Congrats to them both for making it big!