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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

15 month check up...

We had Kealani's 15-month check up at the doctor's office today. I feel like I say this everytime, but I'll say it again because us parents can't be TOO proud, right?! LOL. The doctor, and nurses, and receptionist all are so impressed with how smart she is! They cannot get over how much she talks and says anything she hears (which is really scary if you're not careful, ha!). She was walking through the hall seeing things and telling us what they were as we walked (like "turtle", "fish", "chair", "light", etc.) A couple of ladies guessed that she was 2 years old, which is so common for us to hear! Nobody seems to believe me when I tell them how old she is. LOL. Part of that I'm sure is because she's so tall! Speaking of tall, she's still off the charts in height! She is measuring almost 34" tall! Her weight though, is finally ON the chart, though barely! Her weight was 29 lbs. which put her in the 95th percentile. But at our previous appointment (about a month ago), she weighed in at 32 lbs. so that means she has LOST weight. We are not surprised though because it has been so hard to get her to eat lately! Even her favorite foods, she wants nothing to do with. It's so frustrating. But, thank God that she's always been such a big and healthy girl so that weight loss is not alarming right now. The doctor can tell that her molar teeth are coming in so that may be contributing to why she isn't wanting to eat -- because it's painful. So please pray that that improves very soon. She also had some more shots today; a couple immunizations, and then the flu shot -- we are not taking any chances, especially with as many baby and mommy groups we are in -- she is in contact with a lot of other kids!! Thank God for our beautiful, HEALTHY child.

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