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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poor baby had her first trip to the hospital. =(

Kealani has been very sick for many days now, but Tuesday night got too scary for me so I decided to take her to her first trip to the hospital (since being born, of course!). She had been so congested, watery eyes, coughing like crazy, sneezy hundreds of times a day, and VERY UNHAPPY for several days. Well, Tuesday early evening, she started coughing so hard that she was starting to throw up and then choking on it at the same time (hard to explain), so I started getting increasingly worried. But then when she started getting really lathargic, not doing anything but laying there moaning, and then started having more trouble breathing, I decided it was time to go ASAP. Of course it was a night that Noah was on shift at the fire department so I didn't have him to help me out and calm me down, but that's what my Mommy was for! =) She was at my house in about 3 minutes and off to the hospital we went. Thankfully, they didn't make us wait the 4+ hours that everyone else in the packed out waiting room was waiting, and they put us on the "fast" list and got us in right away. To make a long story short, she had an upper respiratory infection. However, they said it could turn into RSV (which I'm told very dangerous for babies -- can even be fatal) in a matter of hours so to keep a close eye on her and follow up with her regular doctor the next day. Well she woke up no better and by the time we got in to see the doctor the next day, she wrote it up as RSV. So because of that, they want to make her better right away so she doesn't get hospitalized for days, etc. They ordered us a machine that is like a vacuum/suction that sucks everything out of her nose in a matter of seconds. Granted, Kealani does NOT like it at all -- she screams at even the sight and sound of it, BUT it seems to be helping a lot! She woke up today, MUCH better and slightly more like herself, which we are so thrilled about! It was so hard having such a crabby, screaming, uncomfortable baby for so many days when you are so used to having the happiest, most smiley baby there ever was! We are defintely ready for "our" baby back! =) Anyway, thanks to those of you that knew we were going through this and all of your prayers about Kealani's health. Things are definitely looking up for her now.

Here are some pictures of her at the hospital (though they make me seem like a liar when I say she was so crabby and unhappy for those days, because she actually decided to give me some smiles when I took the camera out -- something I hadn't seen in days! I think she just wanted to make a liar out of me and show the nurses/doctors more of what she is normally like! I guess that's murphy's law, right?!

using the suction machine to get all the yucky's out so she can breathe again!...

chewing on the cord that was supposed to be attached to the machine -- they ended up giving her one to play with and one that was actually serving it's purpose! =)

drinking her bottle, which was exciting that she wanted to eat again! =)

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Jude Thomas said...

OH NO! I am so sad to hear that Kealani has been sick. It brings tears to my eyes...I'm glad that she is doing OK now, though. That must have been terrifying, big hugs to Mamma on that one. You're so lucky to have Grandma close by, it makes me miss my Mom on the East Coast more and more. Make sure you take care of yourself, Jen and call us if you need ANYTHING!!