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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Movin' up in the world!

Well, we are trying to convince ourselves that Kealani is no longer a little baby anymore :(

She has graduated to the big girl convertible car seat instead of an infant seat. She also sits in the big girl high chair at restaurants (sorry for the crappy cell phone pic below) and she also sits in the front of the shopping carts when we are out shopping (which those of you that know me know that we do this often! LOL!). It's SOOOOO crazy how fast they grow up. Everyone can tell you until they are blue in the face, but you truly don't realize it until you are in the moment living it. Anyway, here are some pictures we took to remember these milestones -- because you know I have to have pictures of EVERYTHING! haha!

In the restaurant high chair at IHOP...

in the cart at Walmart, where else?!... ;)

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