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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Minivan Mama!

Well it's official... I now even LOOK the part of a Mommy! LOL! I'm a minivan mama now. We decided to get a minivan for the extra room. Since most days I have two kids (Kealani and niece, Keikilani), and NO room for anything in the car besides them and a stroller, we started jokingly tossing around the idea. Well over the next several days/week I soon realized that I really do want the room so that I can get a cart full of groceries while having both girls and not having to practically strap them to the roof of the car! Ha! Plus, now the nephews can go with us when they want, and with all my mom's groups that I'm involved in now, we do all have to caravan, we can just hop in the car together. Oh, and Noah is excited that he can drive a bunch of the guys from the football team to practices, etc.! The list of "pro's" goes on. I said I'd never have a minivan but in reality it was way more practical. The SUVs with the third row seating are first of all, too much money to buy (since we wanted to pay cash instead of financing another vehicle), and also too expensive to fuel! LOL! So since we wanted to pay cash, that definitely limited what kind of van we got, but I think we did OK -- it's not horrible. Oh, and it was a bonus that the family that we bought it from LOVES Hawaii so they already had some Hawaiian stickers on it for me! It was meant to be. =) So now when you see my Nissan Altima driving around town, chances are it will be Noah in it, not me. And does anyone know anyone that is looking for an inexpensive car that is awesome on gas mileage?!! Noah's car is up for sale! $1800 O.B.O! Anyway, here's the pictures of my new ride! LOL!

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