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Monday, May 10, 2010

Kainoa's nursery is done!! =)

Knowing me, I'll find some new additions, and change or tweak some things between now and the time Kainoa comes, but until then... his nursery is complete! =) Definitely a VERY low budget room (all stuff we had already, or from garage sales, or Goodwill) but I think it turned out pretty well. =)

Pictured here below: A window valance that we made from a crib bed skirt that we weren't using, brown sheer curtains were $3 at Goodwill, mini shelves on wall were from a garage sale, the chair and ottoman were $3 at a garage sale, the book case used to be in Kealani's room, the little chair was mine that my Daddy bought for me when I was a baby, the fake tree was from our master bedroom, etc. -- you get the idea that this was VERY cheap to do this room -- just the way I like it! =) )

I made his name out of scrapbook paper, ribbon, and picture frames I already had. I SCORED at a couple of garage sales by finding lots of jungle/safari themed bedding and decor to go with the ensemble (night light, drawer pulls for dresser, light switch plate, lamp, pic frame, hamper, wall hangings, diaper stacker, mobile, bumper, comforter, sheets, etc.) and I found a matching crib bed skirt at Goodwill!

I just "jazzed up" the diaper holder on the wall that I used in Kealani's nursery when she was a baby, this time to match his room instead of her Hawaiian room. =)

All of his hats came from either Daniel and Ashley since their boys don't fit in them anymore, or a few I picked up at garage sales. The wicker drawers used to be in Kealani's room...

This floor rug was one of two things that were new in this room, and it was only $10 at Walmart. =)

the crib and matching dresser/changing table set was GRACIOUSLY given to us (she wouldn't LET us pay her!) by a lady I know from church! What a blessing!!

just got this picture of what we call "Kainoa's Ark" (hehe) at a garage sale this past weekend. It fit so perfect that I couldn't resist. =)

most of his shoes also came from Daniel and Ashley's boys... =)

and one last shot of his name because it's one of my favorite parts of the room. =)

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The Harris Family said...

I love it! Everything came out so cute! Of course I always tell you how super talented you are at decorating a room, especially on a budget. It's just darling! And his letters look like something you would spend tons on! Good work Jenn!