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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So much for parking in the garage!

Noah recently turned one side of the garage into his workout area. It's actually been getting a LOT of use out of it! Noah uses it by himself a lot and then about twice a week, he has some guys come over and they all work out together. Because of that, Kealani and I quickly figured out that if we ever wanted to see him again, we better find something to do out there as well! LOL. So... Kealani, as you can see below, tries to workout with Daddy too (tooooo cute!)! But I also turned the other side of the garage into my "craft" area. Since we needed our extra bedroom for Kainoa's nursery, I had to find somewhere else to put all my crafty stuff. So now when Noah is outside working out, I'm getting something done that I enjoy too! There is a TV out there for Noah's P90x workout videos, etc. but we found out that if we put on Kealani's favorite movies, she will sit in her beanbag chair forever and just be content while we do our thing! It's working out quite nicely! Though I already miss not parking in the garage. =( Oh well, the sacrifices we make.... LOL.

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The Harris Family said...

Yeah...looks like I won't be seeing much of Daniel either unless I take up residence in your garage too! LOL Maybe you can set up a comfy couch in the corner for me to sit down with a nice book. =0)