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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OMG!! Call Guinness, we may have a new world record!! =)

Well, ok, maybe not REALLY, but holy moly, we were surprised when Kealani went potty in her potty seat tonight!! 17 months old?!! Really?! Maybe we WON'T have two kids in diapers like we thought! =) Just a couple of days ago she started randomly coming up to us, "holding herself" and saying "potty" or sometimes even "pee pee". At first I was thinking "yeah right, this is way too early, she must have seen someone do that or something and is just copying them". Then I thought about it and was thinking "what if I'm giving up the easiest opportunity in the world to potty training her and she really DOES know what she's talking about?! -- I guess I would be stupid to not at least TRY to take this a possible opportunity!" So yesterday, the two times she alerted me, I took the time to take her in and take off her pants (which actually she already had half way pulled down for me by the time we got to the bathroom!) and took off her diaper and she sat right down on her potty seat like she knew what she was doing. LOL. Nothing came of it those two times, so I was wondering if this was going to be some sort of game that we were in for, LOL. But tonight, when she told us she had to go (and again was pulling her pants off for us!), Noah took her in and did the ropes. About 10 seconds later, I hear "uh... honey...she went POTTY!" I was like "no way!" Sure enough, her potty was filled with "pee pee". She didn't get scared of it or anything, she just looked at us and smiled, as if saying "I TOLD you I had to go!" =) Then we praised, and praised, and praised some more, before giving her a sticker for her reward (she LOVES her stickers! hehe). We are still in shock that she decided to figure this out all on her own at 17 months! Woo Hoo! Oh, then, as if that weren't enough for the baby book, she counted to 'FIVE' tonight too! We have a genius on our hands, I'm tellin' ya! Haha. Well, I'll stop braggin' for now. Good night! =)

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Jana said...

When my kids were potty training age Elise had herself trained at 15mon because big brother was working on it (he was 2 1/2) but then Max arrived and Elise decided that she wanted to wear diapers again too so we had a little relapse for a while.