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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby's 1st haircut!!!

I am aware that most of you are thinking "what hair?!!!" since well, she doesn't have very much! LOL. However, it had been brought to my attention several times recently that she was growing "wings"! The sides of her hair grow about 10 times faster than the back of her hair so I guess it was time to make it a little more stylish -- more like the "inverted bob" style like me, but not quite SOOOO distinct looking. =) Believe me, I battled back and forth with this decision as I did NOT want her to look at ALL like a boy -- or give people reason to wonder at all! LOL. I finally gave it and must admit, it does look cuter now. =) Though as you'll see in some of the pics, she was not too fond of the whole hair cutting thing -- until it was over and she could play, of course! hehe.


..melissa.. said...

She is soo cute! Love the new haircut!

The Harris Family said...

I love Jack and Jill's. It's awesome how they cater to the kids with the cool seats and cartoons playing. They always do a great job and Kealani looks so precious!