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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Noah has played semi-pro football for several years now since high school, but this year he is on a new team that just started. They are the Grays Harbor County Bearcats, and if yesterday's game is any indication of the coming season, it's gonna be a GREAT one! =) They had a pre-season game yesterday and did awesome. They beat the Jaguars 29-0!!! If anyone in interested in coming and watching some games, let me know and I'll get you the schedule. =) GO BEARCATS!!!!!

Noah and Daniel... proud of their first win!

this #70 guy right here is the sexiest guy on the field! mmm hmmmm... =)...

Daniel (Ashley wasn't there so I had to take one of her man for her!) =)...

comin' off the field after a great well-deserved VICTORY!!! GREAT JOB, HONEY!!!!!!!


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The Harris Family said...

I know you think #70 is sexy, but that #81 is quite a looker! He looks pretty cute in those sexy football pants!!!! Maybe I should give him my number, what do you think? =0)