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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't Judge Me!! =)

So, as some of you already know, Kealani has never been fond of riding in the car -- which REALLY sucks for me because anyone that knows me, knows that I spend A LOT of time in the car as I'm always on the go! So a few weeks ago, I got really jealous when my friend was able to turn her son (who just turned one year old -- yayyy, Jude!) around facing forward in his car seat and said it was a miraculous change in his car riding behavior. In case you don't know, the law in Washington State is that they have to be at least 20 lbs AND one year old, for them to change to the forward facing position. Well, we definitely don't have to worry about the 20 lb. thing because she weighed that about 8 months ago! LOL! And her height and everything makes her more almost like a 2-year-old, so today when I was putting her car seat back in my car from being Auntie's car, I just decided "heck with it, she's big enough size-wise and does everything that a one-year-old can do, and she's going to be one in like 2 weeks, so she is going to be a big girl today!" and I put her car seat in the other way! I know, what a REBEL, huh?!!! Does that make me a bad mommy?!! Am I supposed to follow EVERY rule?!!! =) (PLEASE don't turn me in -- hehe) But Jude's Mom was right -- it DOES make a huge difference! She loved being in the car today! Yippppeeee!!!

She likes it, can you tell?!!

...and now you're getting sleepy....veerrrryyyy sleeepy...

and isn't it so cute how she always has her feet crossed! so lady-like! hehe... =)


Jude Thomas said...

YAAYYY!!! Forward-facers of the world UNITE!!! What a difference, huh?? That's awesome news, and now Mom and Dad can drive and not white-knuckle it the whole time!!

..melissa.. said...

hahaha I love the other comment...forward-facers unite..funny!

Good for you! Life will be much easier now huh?! She does look very happy and just adorable!

MamaSophia said...

Oh my goodness, so cute! I need to change Kobens!!