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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kealani had to have a feeding evaluation and swallow test done at the hospital...

She did GREAT!! And they found that there are no problems as previously suspected. In fact, she has a perfect swallow. So much so that they are going to use the video of her eating/swallowing to show people what a "perfect" swallow should look like! =) Here's some pics, cuz you know I take my camera EVERYwhere!! =)

getting ready for the doctor to watch her eat some baby food!

she ate, now she wants to play!

sitting in the x-ray chair... eating the straps!


Jude Thomas said...

what a rockstar!!!! way to go, Kealani!!!

The Harris Family said...

Looks like she did a really good job at the doctor's office. That can be a scary place and she took it like a champ! I'm so glad everything is looking normal now. I've been in your shoes and there's nothing like recieving a clean bill of health for your little one.