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Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's been a few days...and you know me and pictures! LOL!

playin' on the floor with one of her newer light-up/music toy things that she LOVES!

"Ok, that was fun... i'm outta here!"...
Playin' in her new high chair! She likes it much better than the pretty cherry wood one that Mommy liked! LOL! Oh well, it's not about Mommy anymore, it's all about Kealani! Haha!

"Hi Mommy!"...

doing her ab workouts! LOL! She does this EVERY time she's on the floor! She picks up her head and her feet and wiggles her feet up and down while holding her arms off the ground too! (Though this picture doesn't show her perfect form that she normally has!) It's so funny, especially when Noah commentates as if she's instructing a work out video. He thinks we should video it with his commentary and sell it as a baby workout! Ha! But the funny thing is, she REALLY does have hard abs! LOL!

sitting on the table watching Mom clean the kitchen...

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