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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yes, We ARE Alive!

Wow!  So sorry we've been M.I.A., as least as far as this blog has been concerned.  We've had a crazy several months, of mainly sickness.  Ugh.  =(  The kids have both been sick for pretty much 4 months straight, with the exception of about two weeks.  They have both had pneumonia (twice!), stomach flu (which Noah and I also caught), both kids have had double ear infections at different times, regular cold/flu's, Kainoa had R.S.V. (a very dangerous respiratory virus that can actually be fatal to babies), Kealani was diagnosed with severe anemia, Kainoa diagnosed with asthma.... this list goes on!  We've actually been keeping the kids out of church childcare, etc. for the past month in hopes that it will give their immune systems a chance to build back up.  We cannot WAIT for Spring and Summer so everyone can get healthy again!  Oh, Kainoa also is most likely going to have to wear the medical helmet afterall.  =(  Unfortunately, his head shape did not improve by itself as much as we hoped/projected.  So we have an appointment at Seattle Children' Hospital this Friday for that.  He also will be getting allergy testing done that day as we suspect that part of him being sick all of the time might be because of allergies (cats??). 

Kainoa is now 9 months old and weighs 21 1/2 lbs. and is 29 1/2" long.  I looked back at Kealani's baby book and found that he is exactly the same weight and height as Kealani was at this very same age!!  That is amazing to me considering she's always been such a big kid and now he's the same, despite the fact that he was a premie!!  Kainoa is such a joy.  So smiley and happy.  He's trying so hard to talk to us all the time and get around and be mobile.  Because of his muscle issues, he's still not crawling so that frustrates him a bit at times, but hopefully soon he will get the hang of it.  His therapist that he sees weekly still is working hard on that with him.  My only complaint regarding Kainoa is that he needs to SLEEP!!  It's so bazaar because he has always been my great sleeper!  He would take awesome long naps, and then sleep all night -- and did that for 5-6 months.  Then as soon as he hit 7 months old, he has not slept since!  He wakes up sometimes every half hour, all night long!!  If he sleeps for an hour and a half solid, we are jumping for joy!!  Hopefully that gets figured out VERY SOON!!

Kealani is going to be 3 in July (where did the time go?!!) and is a very sweet, loving, happy girl.  She weighs a big 53 lbs!!! and is almost 40" tall.  People still think she's about 4 or so, especially with how smart she is and how well she talks.  We hear it all the time.  =)  She still has some of her sleep issues that she's always had (night terrors, etc.) but we are learning to manage and deal with it all a little better.  Especially since she sleeps so much better considering how much we are up with Kainoa!  LOL.

Noah's semi-pro football season is under way and he has his first game of the season coming up on April 9th.  He's loving being back on the field!  Can't wait to watch him play again.  =)

I am super busy working at church doing childcare, a lot of the time.  I work with the babies, one year old's and two year olds, for the most part.  I work there Tuesday mornings,Wednesday nights, a lot of Thursday mornings and/or evenings, Sunday mornings, and various days in between when I'm needed.  =)  I'm still involved in several of the women's ministries as well, and love it!

The little 2-year-old, Ethan that I've been watching full-time, unfortunately is moving to Georgia so I'm not longer watching him.  =(  I'm looking into a few possiblilities of possibly taking on other children in place of him.  Very sad for him to leave though.  =(

Our business is going pretty well and keeps me super busy too!!  =)

Well, I guess that's good enough of an update for now.  Hopefully it won't be this long before I can post more again.  Thanks for reading! 

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