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Sunday, December 5, 2010

They just keep growing, and growing, and growing, and...


Both of the kids had doctor appointments last week and I was shocked (though I shouldn't be, by now -- LOL) at how big they are getting!  How does this keep happening?!  Haha.  =)  Kealani in nearly 40 inches tall and weighs almost 47 pounds!!  Should I mention that she is barely TWO YEARS OLD?!!  I had someone the other day tell me that is how much their 7-year-old weighs!!  And, as always, they can't get over how Kealani far exceeds all two-year-old (and even older!) developmental expectations.  =)

Kainoa weighs nearly 18 pounds now and is 26 inches long!!  They go by his "corrected age" meaning they think of him (size-wise and developmentally) as only just a 4 month old, instead of a 5 1/2 month old.  They are beyond shocked at him!  He is super big for his age and is doing things beyond what they'd expect (starting to learn to sit up, etc.).  They continue to tell me that our kids are over-achievers!  For the most part, that's a great thing, right!?!   =)

So, I guess we are "tooting our own horn" a bit, but what parent doesn't want to do that?!  We are such PROUD parents, and sooooo incredibly blessed. 

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