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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wow, we make big, healthy kids!! LOL.

We've realized our kids are sort of over-achievers, especially in the growth department! LOL. During a doctor appointment this morning, we found out that Kealani (who turned 2 years old yesterday!!) weighs 41 lbs. and is 37 1/2 inches tall! According to their growth charts, she is predicted to be over 6 feet tall when she's an adult! Yikes!! Of course that doesn't mean she WILL be, but sheesh!!! They even joked at the doctor's office that they are going to name a separate growth chart, for larger kids, the "Naipo chart". =)

Then there's Mr. Kainoa who is growing GREAT! He is now up to 7 lbs 12 oz! Remember he was only 5 lbs 13 oz at birth, and that wasn't even a month ago!! He is now 20 1/4 inches long (he was 19" at birth), and his head has also grown an inch. They were super impressed with him, as always! =) It's crazy to think that he is still supposed to be growing inside my tummy for a couple more weeks. Wow.

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