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Monday, February 1, 2010

Noah and Kealani doing P90X workouts!!

Noah was doing a P90x workout tonight and Kealani started copying him and doing it with him -- it was the CUTEST thing ever!!

she had to take a break... lol!

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Mark said...

That's hilarious! My kids started doing the same thing. I posted some pics on my blog

The legs and back workout still gets me and I've done it for 6 months now. I am always sore for a day or two but I guess that's a good thing. Are you a Beachbody Coach? I don't see anywhere on your site saying you are. To learn more go to my blog. You get discounts on the products and can even earn some money. I like doing it as it keeps me accountable to working out. Feel free to contact me about it. Stick with P90X. I went from doing 2 total pull ups with legs and back to 82 at the end of 90 days. Bring it!