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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good morning!

A few pics of our morning "routine"... on days that we actually have one (when we are not SUPER DUPER busy and out the door too early! LOL!). Kealani gets up for the day around 9am-9:30am. She then sits on the couch next time me, watching her cartoons, while I check my email and our calendar for the day. Then she plays for a little while (and I do mean LITTLE while because she is anything but independent -- she has to be RIGHT next to me getting into whatever I'M doing!), before eating breakfast (she's not a "eat right when I wake up" kind of a girl. She must take after her mama!). We then get dressed and ready to go about our day!

"mornin' mama!"

layin' on the couch watchin' cartoons...

silly girl...

watchin' mommy on the computer...


wavin' at the camera!

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