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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family in town for the funerals, etc.

We have lots of family in town from Hawaii, California, Arizona, etc. Here are some pics from this past week with everyone!

This is Uncle Keola singing "Bus Rider"!

Uncle Hinano singin' some tunes for us!

Aunties and cousins all around!

Noah's Mom, Noah, and Noah's sister being DORKS! LOL!
this is more like it... :)

everyone watchin' Uncle serenade us!

Cousin Zachariah (one of the twins) playin' for us...

Cousin Angela serenades us now...

Do you get the idea that this family is EXTREMELY talented?! They are amazing!...

Happy girl in the midst of it all!

More jammin'!

Cousin Wiley, Kealani, Auntie Mokihana, and Auntie Kawehilani...

Kamiko loves his baby cousin!

Keikilani hula dancin' for the family!

Daddy and Kealani!
"Oh... was that a tooth?!" Haha!...

Kealani is like "what? what'd I do?!" :)

Kamiko has a way of putting her to sleep...

Kealani and Keikilani -- cousinly love!

Kealani loves her cousin La'akea...

...and her Auntie Mokihana!

Grandpa Garry always makes her laugh!

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